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That’s a very bold statement. We can provide 14 Days Risk Free Trail, because of the faith and confidence we have in WLT Trading System.

Here is why;

We are so confident in WLT Trading System, that it is backed by 14 DAY RISK FREE TRAIL. This FREE TRAIL is for 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. We are satisfy that the WLT Trading Method will help you to achieve success in day trading with consistency.

Before you exercise our return policy, please make sure you have called us and let us walk you through any problem areas you may have. It’s a Free Call and a Free Consult. We can share our desktop with you and walk you through the signals step-by-step. Your purchase is really risk-free. Try the WLT Trading System for 14 days. Trade using our software and use our money management tools. Call us for additional guidance or visit the Limitless Wealth Enterprise after you purchase our course. We will work with you until you understand our system. Any questions? We will work with you every step of the way for your trading success. You must call us or we cannot help you. DO NOT TRY TO FIGURE OUT PROBLEMS BY YOURSELF.

The FREE TRIAL does not guarantee any user will profit, as we have no way of knowing if you will follow The WLT Trading Rules. We absolutely provide 14 days Risk Free Trail, that WLT Trading Methods will help you to achieve success in day trading. You must be able to follow the strict rules of The WLT Trading System.

If a customer or student is having troubles learning or understanding The WLT Trading Method we will work with them to find out what their difficulties are and help the customer/student resolve their issues. This is not our way of backing out of the Guarantee; It is to ensure that the customer/student is trading as the course instructs. Discipline is required to be a successful day trader. We make no guarantees that anyone will have the discipline to follow the strict rules of The WLT Trading System.

Trading requires a lot of practice and discipline. WLT or its employees cannot and does not advice customer/student when they should trade live – with real money. The customer/student has discretion over when he/she trades or doesn’t trade with real money.

Please note: 99% of our clients have kept the system, improved their Trading and been entirely satisfied that this is one of the most comprehensive and complete systems in the market. We have to protect ourselves from people, who would intentionally purchase WLT Trading System, only to claim it doesn’t work. In the event a customer requests a refund, they must point out where The WLT Trader Methods did not work in trail period.